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Comment on your company and others for checkSURE Users to see

When you interact with a database that has tens of millions of records and hundreds of thousands of data updates every 28 days, you are bound to come across mistakes. Now in our in our eighth year of operation, the checkSURE team have seen (and helped our customers) fixed these. Since data is still often transcribed by hand from official document images – (fortunately?) humans still have a role to play! Although it should be said that over the last eight years the number of data sources that have been digitized have amazed even in the ardent Geeks in the checkSURE office.

However, one of the things that frustrate our Users and us is the time information takes to hit the checkSURE database when they are filed at, say, the courts or even Companies House. That’s why we decided to introduce our User Generated Data section on checkSURE Full reports.  Although we obviously moderate comments (and thank goodness we do – some people get very angry with companies and directors and say things we’re sure would make them turn red if they appeared in our reports!) these comments are often a very good gauge of credit worthiness. Because we constantly check the ‘comments queue’ and release them within hours of being written the User comments section of checkSURE credit reports are almost ‘real time’.

checkSURE Users can make comments on their own companies too. Many use this space to add a marketing message or some contact details. While others rip into the checkSCORE and credit limit that has been assigned to them – explaining why, in their view, they are more credit worthy (we have yet to see any Users say they are less credit worthy!).

We have a few rules for those who want to comment. First you have to have made a report purchase so that we have an audit trail of who you are. Second, comments must be factual in some way. So, “We have sent this company three letters demanding payment and have now resorted to legal action” or “This company consistently pays within the 14 days that we set for payment” will make it past the checkSURE moderator. Whilst, “The director of this company is a Fat Crook!” will not.

For Users commenting on their own company we like to see a telephone number and for them to use their business email address to register.

As checkSURE has over a hundred thousand registered Users now, our stock of User Generated Data is increasing rapidly. Please feel free to join the Party!