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UK Sole Trader Reports

Sole Traders - The backbone of British Business. Please adjust your expectations about sole trader reports. You will NOT get as much information about these businesses as you will about limited companies. checkSURE offers the lowest priced single user UK sole trader reports on the web. We would prefer not to, since in our view, these reports are harder to source than for limited companies. Nonetheless, we have chosen to charge less for these reports than for limited company reports (£8.95 as opposed to £9.95) because it 'appears' to our customers that there is less information in them.

The key thing to remember about checkSURE's UK Sole Trader Reports is that these are statements about small, unincorporated businesses that have to declare little or nothing to anyone other than the Inland Revenue. Unlike Limited or incorporated businesses in the United Kingdom, sole traders do not have to file documents to a public registrar detailing how they are organised for commercial purposes. In fact, they are the closest reports that checkSURE have to a personal credit check.

Therefore it is extraordinary that more often than not our data partners do manage to give these businesses a comprehensive credit score. Sole traders do not produce 'public' accounts. Nonetheless, verifying an address, telephone number, staff employed, 'proprietor' or senior partner/manager, whether the business has county court judgments and how long it has been trading, is highly valuable commercially and is arguably much harder to glean than data which has to be legally submitted to a public body such as Companies House. What's more, most sole traders on the checkSURE system appear to have been 'credit scored'.

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The key characteristics that contribute to the checkSCORE and credit limit calculations for Non-Limited businesses are:

  • Age of business
  • Size of business
  • Business type
  • CCJs
  • Insolvency information

The table below describes the Sole Trader Business Risk Bandings in more detail.

0 - 10

Extreme Risk!

Extreme Risk - This business exhibits characteristics similar to businesses who have failed.

11 - 25

Very High Risk!

This business exhibits characteristics similar to those who have a high likelihood of failure, and has probably got at least 2 unsatisfied CCJs. Advance payment is recommended.

26 - 40

High Risk!

This business is showing early signs of failure, such as one or two unsatisfied CCJs. Advance payment or enforceable guarantees are recommended.

41 - 50

Above Average Risk

This business is likely to be newly formed or may have an outstanding CCJ. Treat with caution and seek assurances in the form of guarantees of advance payment if the credit limit is exceeded.

51 - 60

Average Risk

This business has an average risk status and should be treated with a degree of caution. It may well be small and/or reasonably newly formed.

61 - 80

Low Risk

There is a high degree of confidence this business will prove good for the assigned Credit Limit

81 - 100

Very Low Risk

There is every confidence this business will prove good for the assigned Credit Limit

Whilst bearing in mind the caveats referred to on this page, we believe that checkSURE offers Britain's best value reports for Sole Traders.

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