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Statutory Information

Registered Name - As registered at Companies House on date of incorporation. Only one company can hold this name at anyone time.

Previous Name(s) - Changes in the company's registered name and date when changed to the succeeding name.

Registered Number - Company registration numbers are unique identifiers for companies. They are allocated on the day of incorporation by Companies House and cannot be used again even if the company is struck from the register.

Registered Office - The legal address of the company to which Companies House will write. An appointed representative of the company should always be there to accept post.

Incorporated - The day Companies House recognised the company's existence and issued the certificate of incorporation.

Holding Company - Taken from the latest Annual Return. Indicating a holding of over 50%.

Ultimate Holding Company - Taken from the Latest Directors' Report and Accounts.
All immediate shareholdings by turnover - Gives share class, % held, Sales figure, latest filed accounts date and status for each company listed

Lodged - The date which Companies House indicate receipt of accounts.

Last Accounts Filed - Latest filed accounts at Companies House.

Last Annual Return - This document is filed annually within 28 days of the Annual return date. It includes details on the current company structure and directorships. It will also summarise the capital structure.

Accounting Reference Date - The day and month each year to which the accounts should be made up.

Issued Share Capital - The total value of shares issued. This represents the share capital currently invested in the company.

Type of Company - A derived field which takes into account various different states the company may be in. These include whether or not the company is quoted; dissolved; in liquidation; in receivership; trading or non-trading. It also indicates where and under what act the company was incorporated and the Company Type as defined by Companies House.

Type of Accounts - This indicates what type of accounts a company has filed – either Group, Full or Abbreviated.

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