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Payment Performance Data. What many checkSURE Users want to know is will they get paid? And how long will it take? This information is not filed at Companies House by the vast majority of companies. However, In keeping with our philosophy of delivering as much data as we can source for a reasonable price, checkSURE Full Company Credit Reports and Keep it Live Reports now contain a section called ‘Payment Performance’. If you already have Keep it Live Reports in your checkSURE Portfolio simply refresh the report and if payment data on the business you are tracking is available, you will see this extra data for free. Follow ‘Payment Performance’ Links for more information.

checkSURE’s User Generated Data. The checkSURE User Rating is made available to any checkSURE User who buys a report on the target business that has been rated by checkSURE Users and lets other Users’ know how quickly these businesses have been paid by people who use our service. The checkSURE User Rating is viewed via your checkSURE Portfolio. Of course this service depends on people like you contributing. So if you feel you can act responsibly when filling out our form and give an accurate payment rating and comment based on true dealings you have had with a business, we value your contribution. Simply buy a report on the business that you want to comment on and follow the links.