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Equifax seeks the facts when it comes to credit. They are one of the US's largest credit reporting agencies, with information on some 400 million credit holders worldwide.

In addition to credit reports, the company:

  • Authorises checks,
  • Provides credit card processing services.
  • Equifax also offers database marketing advice,
  • Credit risk consulting, and
  • Software products through a host of subsidiaries.

In the UK Equifax aren't quite so prominent but they are a player in consumer credit scoring.

Equifax - Their Customers

Equifax's customers include banks and retail stores in the US, as well as in Canada, Latin America, and the UK. The company has been providing these value-added information solutions to businesses and consumers for over 103 years. These days, Equifax is a global service provider with over $1.1 billion in annual revenue and 4800 employees in 12 countries. It might also be interesting to see how the Euro will affect their business since credit scoring is likely to be biog in the EU.

The History of Equifax

Equifax first opened its doors in 1899 and ranked fifth on Business Week's Best Performers 2001. They gained this exclusive position in the top five, due to fantastic success in internal operating ratios, such as return on equity. The company's 4,800 employees ensure that this favorable operating architecture is passed on to Equifax shareholders and stakeholders in the form of share premiums and shareholder value. They have a rich heritage and a distinguished track record of market leadership.

The Success of Equifax

The company's road to success has been paved by maintaining a strong focus on strategic growth, product development, technology and innovation to deliver powerful solutions to customers. According to Equifax employees have been guided by a common set of practices and values called "The Equifax Way" throughout their history. These values have established a strong and steadfast foundation for ensuring the highest levels of integrity, trust, ethics, and privacy in all business activities. As a leader in information technology, they serve customers across a wide range of industries including the financial services, retail, healthcare, telecommunications/utilities, brokerage, insurance and government industries.

Equifax also enables and empowers consumers to manage and protect their financial health with services offered at there website. The company achieves this through a robust, thorough and far-reaching product portfolio. The credit reports, sometimes referred to as your "credit history" or "credit file", contain personal information gathered from many sources on an ongoing basis. Most companies that have extended your credit will provide information to the three major credit report agencies, which include Equifax.

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