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checkSURE is a complete online commercial credit checking service which you can start to use in under 60 seconds.

checkSURE has been optimised for a 56k dial up Internet connection. It is designed to be quick and easy to use on any computer connected to the Internet through a normal telephone line.

If you intend to use checkSURE through a corporate local area network, the service should be even faster - although the efficiency of your corporate computer network will ultimately be important in determining the speed of the checkSURE service.

checkSURE believes in the "Triple A-rated" provision of business credit information - we make it Affordable, Accurate and Accessible.

checkSURE electronically delivers comprehensive company reports, and monitors current and potential trading partners on their future creditworthiness. As an integral part of the online service, checkSURE provides a checkSCORE for each company doing business with the user's organisation.

Best Practice, No Matter What Your Size

At checkSURE, we believe that the UK's small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are inadequately served by the credit management industry. With the power of checkSURE, these firms now have the same opportunity to exercise good practice in choosing to whom they extend credit as the experienced credit departments of much larger concerns.

For large, corporate clients the checkSURE state-of-the-art user profile management system is set to transform the credit management function. checkSURE can be configured for maximum security, monitoring and convenience of use for companies with several strategic business units across the UK.

For the first time, companies can set up their credit information system to allow controlled access by individuals at the sharp-end of their business. Sales people, for example, can view credit management information (with or without the ability to purchase individual company monitoring) to improve the 'quality' of their prospecting and their awareness of the creditworthiness of their existing and potential customers.


The Original 21st Century Company Checks Site...

Since Launching in the early years of this Century, the checkSURE database has been updated nearly 60 million times data related to companies and UK directors.

How it works in 3 easy steps...

How it works in 3 easy steps Search, Register, Buy, checkOUT!. View in your checkSURE Portfolio. CLICK HERE TO VIEW STEPS

What checkSURE offers which others donítÖ

  • Users comments on companies shared with others
  • Payment performance data indicates late payers
  • Unlimited reports storage with no time restrictions
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