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Credit Reports

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High volume Users like professional credit managers buy thousands of checkSURE snapshot Credit Reports since they are usually just interested in the credit score and suggested credit limit assigned to a company.  The snapshot Credit Report is the jewel of the checkSURE service. We believe our Credit Report is the lowest cost, pay as you go, UK commercial credit report available on the web at only £5.95 plus VAT.  

checkSURE SnapShot Reports will include the following (if available):

Company Credit Reports
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Company Identification Details
The checkSCORE - Credit Score
checkSCORE analysis
Credit Limit
Registration Number
Date of Incorporation
NEW Historic Update Details

You need to know these Key things about our Credit Reports:

  • Credit Reports are not available from Companies House.  That is, Companies House do not issue credit scores and suggested Credit Limits.
  • Don’t get confused between the snapshot Credit Report and our Full Company Reports.  The checkSURE snapshot Credit Report does not show company financials or directors or shareholders or CCJs (if any) etc. etc.  Its primary purpose is to give you a ‘snapshot’ of the credit worthiness of a company.  If you want this, as well as all the other stuff, buy a Full Company Report.
  • No matter what you read elsewhere, these reports are a poor choice on businesses with a short (say, less than 18 months) trading history.  The longer a business has ‘lived’ the better they are.
  • There is NO upgrade path from our Credit Report to our Full Company Report.
  • There is an upgrade path from the Credit Report to our Keep it Live reports (which are the Full Company Reports kept live for a year).  So if you purchase a snapshot Credit Report and think you want to do business with your target company, you can purchase an upgrade to the checkSURE keep it Live report for £9.95 plus VAT within 10 days.
  • If you are a low volume User and are looking to check out a company you are advised to purchase the Full Company Report.

Company Credit Reports for all UK business delivered online

The checkSURE Snapshot Credit Report is available on millions of UK Limited companies, partnerships, and sole traders, online, 24 hours a day. Once purchased, the checkSURE Snapshot Credit Report can be viewed instantaneously online. They are also emailed instantly upon request and stored in your checkSURE portfolio for later retrieval.

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For those decision makers looking to supplement the knowledge that they already have of a target company with a considered credit score and suggested credit limit, a checkSURE Snapshot Credit Report is our best value option.

The information for checkSURE Snapshot Credit Report on limited companies is hosted on dedicated computer servers and updated nightly with information from Companies House. When you purchase a limited company checkSURE Snapshot Credit Report you are automatically eligible to receive checkSURE Alert emails. Each night the checkSURE software checks for any changes to the target companies that you have in your checkSURE Portfolio and alerts you to the number of changes in a single email.

The optimal way to track and monitor changes within your target companies is to ensure that you purchase checkSURE's Keep it Live Company Reports. These offer all the credit scoring details in a checkSURE Snapshot Credit Report and supplements this data with company information. With this option you can refresh each of the Keep it Live full company reports and credit score in your portfolio every day for a year FREE of extra charge.

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Since Launching in the early years of this Century, the checkSURE database has been updated nearly 60 million times data related to companies and UK directors.

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What checkSURE offers which others donítÖ

  • Users comments on companies shared with others
  • Payment performance data indicates late payers
  • Unlimited reports storage with no time restrictions
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