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What is a Company Credit Rating?

The market for company credit reports is small compared to that of consumer credit reports, but growing fast. D&B is the market leader in this segment, followed by Experian and other credit reference agencies. The two European information networks BigNet and Eurogate also play an important role in the company credit report market.

The rising menace of company identity theft has given rise to a new segment: monitoring services. Studies show that a sudden spike in inquiries usually indicates identity theft. Most credit reference agencies provide monitoring services, which allow companies to track inquiries. Companies House in the UK also offers ways of reducing company identity theft.

A company credit report saves lenders the trouble of collecting information on companies from scratch. A company credit report can also improve the quality of lending decisions. If value-added services such as Payment Investigation Service are any indication, then better applications based on credit information will continue to be developed.

checkSURE credit check service is built around one key component - "Full and Comprehensive Company Reports". The company can purchase the "Full Company Reports" online for only £9.95 plus VAT.

Credit rating by checkSURE introduces greater objectivity and consistency as part of a well-controlled decision process, giving online clients the ability to manage risk exposure with a greater degree of accuracy and in line with their overall business goals. More informed decisions help clients to reduce bad debt and offer more appropriate pricing in response to higher credit rating risk.

If a loan company refuses a company credit because of information found on the business credit rating, the client is legally allowed to start their credit rating from fresh. If the client had fallen into arrears on a previous loan in the past, it doesn't mean that they will never be allowed to gain credit again.

All credit rating reports are saved within the client’s checkSURE portfolio and can be viewed from any Internet connected computer in the world. This means the client can always update themselves on the companies credit rating.