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checkSURE's Online Credit Check

Online credit check can be delivered instantly to your desktop on any UK limited company through this website. checkSURE provides the best value online credit check and reports on the Internet. Their online credit check service also provides the following services:

  • Full company credit reports on any UK limited company
  • Snapshot, online credit check reports on companies
  • Original Companies House documents

checkSURE's online credit check service will also send out alerts to you via email to let you know if there are any changes within your companies of interest. This allows you to make important financial decisions as to whether there are any business amendments you need to make.

The Benefits of Online Credit Check

There are many benefits to using buying an online credit check, the main ones include:

  • Reports are available immediately on payment - saves you time waiting for information to make important business decisions.
  • Online credit checks will appear on your desktop - saves you time and hassle assigning an employee to find the information.
  • Being on the Internet means that an online credit check saves you money - as there are no postage and administrative costs involved in getting the report to you.

As well as saving you time, money and effort in finding out company information, conducting an online credit check can save you problems with potential clients in the future. With an online credit check, you can find out how they are like at paying their creditors and subsequently gauge what they are like as a customer or supplier.

The Importance of an Online Credit Check

When a company is in the process of trading, it will take some risks in the choice of clients and supplier companies that it decides to have trading relations with. This risk can be whether or not the company's clients will repay the credit that was extended to them, or whether their suppliers will provide them with good quality materials. It is also very useful to know or be able to gauge the future viability of these companies before trading with them.

Performing an online credit check will minimise these risks as a full company credit report will contain the relevant financial data, as well as a credit score and limit. This information will allow you to make a knowledgeable and informed decision as to whether your company wants to trade with them. It will also help you to draw up the most appropriate credit terms and conditions for your clients.

checkSURE's Online Credit Check

checkSURE provides the best value online credit check on any limited company within the UK. Just use the free company search to find the company of your choice and register for a free account. The online credit check will be emailed to you instantly on payment, while a copy will be kept in your personal checkSURE portfolio online.

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