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Credit Check

checkSURE is a complete online commercial credit check service which you can start to use in under 49 seconds. The process begins with your registration for the checkSURE service. Simply enter your email address, so that we can email you copies of the reports that you purchase, and a password to secure your account, and you are registered.

Optionally, details such as your name, telephone number and company (if applicable) will help us to enhance the checkSURE credit check service for your benefit. You can change these details at anytime by clicking on the 'My Account' tab once you are inside checkSURE. Please don't forget to fill in your name and address details if you buy a Discount Packs since our FREE Ulitmate Book of Business Breakthroughs offer is a real one and your tome cannot be sent virtually by email!

Company Reports and Credit Check

The checkSURE eCommerce credit check service is built around one key component - Full and Comprehensive Company Reports. Once registered, you can purchase and store Full Company Reports online for only £9.95 plus VAT. checkSURE Users can also maintain up-to-date copies of Full Reports on any company through checkSURE's 'Keep it Live' facility - for an additional investment of only £5 plus VAT.

checkSURE also offer SnapShot Reports for an entry price of only £5.95 plus VAT. For those decision makers looking to supplement the credit check knowledge that they already have of a target company with a considered credit score and suggested credit guide, these are checkSURE's best value option.

All checkSURE Credit Check Reports are displayed immediately on purchase and are emailed instantly upon request to the purchaser in attached html format. Reports are also saved within your checkSURE portfolio and can be viewed from any Internet connected computer in the world. This means you can even do a credit check when you are on holiday!

To receive even better value buy a checkSURE Discount Pack. This is an option to buy any checkSURE product and develop your Portfolio at a considerable discount. With any Discount Pack you save both money on all checkSURE purchases and time by not having to input your credit card number each time you want to view and store a Report or document.

The checkSURE Choice range offers exceptional value on company report/credit check bundles especially selected by the checkSURE team. Whether you're a student, company manager or investor we've got a checkSURE Choice that's right for you.

Keep it Live!

Maintain up-to-date copies of checkSURE Full Reports on incorporated (Limited) companies through checkSURE's 'Keep it Live' facility. For an additional investment of only £5 per report over the single copy price of £9.95, you can refresh the complete credit check details in the report from the checkSURE database for a whole year from the date of purchase. Since checkSURE's data is updated daily this will ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date information on the chosen business you want to credit check. Keep it Live is available either immediately on purchase of a Keep it Live Full Report for £14.95 or as a £5 'upgrade' option on one-off £9.95 Full Reports as long as the upgrade is made within ten days of purchase of the original.

So, for example, you may purchase a one-off £9.95 Full Company Report on a potential incorporated customer or supplier who you wish to check upon before you make a decision to do business, then upgrade this report within ten days to Keep it Live should you enter into a commercial relationship with them. This will ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information on a credit check available on this company in your checkSURE portfolio.

User Profile Management

Once registered, the checkSURE service can be configured to allow multiple users to access your checkSURE account. Obviously, caution is required when harnessing the power of this function since you may have given other users permission to purchase reports on your account. Nonetheless, when deployed sensibly checkSURE's User Profile Management System (UPMS) can add real value to the way a company operates.

For example, the checkSURE UPMS can be used to:

  • Deliver the latest information on a company's prospects and accounts to the desktops of its sales team. The UPMS can be configured to allow users to purchase or only view company report information.
  • Allow all parts of an organisation to monitor current and potential trading partners on their future creditworthiness. As an integral part of the online service, checkSURE provides a checkSCORE for each company doing business with the user's organisation.

In short, checkSURE's User Profile Management system is a state of the art method for allowing controlled access by individuals at the sharp-end to critical commercial intelligence and to carry out an instant company credit check.

For more information visit the Frequently Asked Questions area.

The Original 21st Century Company Checks Site...

Since Launching in the early years of this Century, the checkSURE database has been updated nearly 60 million times data related to companies and UK directors.

How it works in 3 easy steps...

How it works in 3 easy steps Search, Register, Buy, checkOUT!. View in your checkSURE Portfolio. CLICK HERE TO VIEW STEPS

What checkSURE offers which others donítÖ

  • Users comments on companies shared with others
  • Payment performance data indicates late payers
  • Unlimited reports storage with no time restrictions
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