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Credit Reports are relative to a company's financial history

If you are a business, why do you need to check a future customer’s credit report? Here a just a few reasons why:

  • Find out which company you are granting credit to.
  • Assess your client's worth - this helps you to make credit decisions and to set appropriate terms with clients.
  • It will verify the correct legal entity you are trading with.
  • By monitoring the financial position of the company or organisation, this will allow you to reassess credit terms with the company if they are always making late payments.
  • If the company is unable to pay, credit checks are important before instructing recovery action as a final way of verifying your client's legal status and whether other creditors are pressing for payment.

The checkSURE credit reports service ensures that companies and organisations of any size can harness the power of affordable, accurate and accessible information to benefit their credit management decisions.

Credit reports are also saved within a client’s checkSURE portfolio. The credit report portfolio is the area where all the information the client has purchased on target companies is stored. In effect, it is their collection of 'portfolio companies'.

Business Credit Report

As a business, the client should check out all new and existing customers’ creditworthiness; this is their credit report. It is the company that is left out of pocket if they fail to meet their obligations.

Landlord Credit Report

If the client is a Landlord the company should check out all their prospective tenants credit reports because they will not wish to rent to a person or company that is going to leave a mountain of debts against the company’s property.

All checkSURE credit reports are displayed immediately on purchase and emailed to the purchaser in attached html format. Visit for your company credit reports.