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Company Credit Check on Companies and Businesses

A Company credit check provides useful information on the viability of potential trading partners and will play a major part in decisions on who you do business with. A credit check can be done online.

Of course, if you own a business and you are working clients who you are giving credit, you will need to know about the client and their financial history. Therefore it is vital to do a company credit check on that client.

By monitoring the clients’ businesses, through using a company credit check, during a course of trading you will be alerted if their financial position changes. This will allow you to reassess credit terms and if the client is not able to make normal payments, then using checkSURE’s company credit check system will assist with further decisions you may want to take for recovering the debt.

By using a company credit check your business will be able to verify the correct legal entity you are trading with, which is vital if the debt becomes delinquent and the company has to take action for its recovery.

The more you find out about the client by using checkSURE , the easier it will become to set terms, standards and targets for individual businesses to comply with.

By purchasing a company credit check, you can find out which enitity your business is dealing with and what to look out for, if anything.

Whether you're a company manager, a supplier, or an investor, checkSURE is an ideal way for you to gain an appreciation of the value and quality of using the information in a company credit check.