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checkSURE Company Search

Company search is only the start. Once you have completed this comes the really interesting stuff – access to the data that you have targeted Credit checking. Credit scoring. Credit search. Credit rating. The company search is the most important part of the company credit checking process, the rest is relatively easy. Yet, how do you do a search on a company? In the old days it was down to the library to wade through lots of directories that recorded the names of companies.

These were the company searching technique - mark one eyeball version! Nowadays we use computers to do company digital searches. Simply type in the name of the company and hey presto you've done a query on the company that you are targeting. But what if the business search brings out more than one company of the same name? Then you have to narrow the company search.

In the UK most company search options are free. A free company search is a low cost option. Free company searches are common. checkSURE has a neat company search facility on its home page.

The checkSURE company search facility allows the users to search 10 million limited companies, sole traders and partnerships. Very rarely can there have been so much computing power in the hands of an individual who is hunting down a possible trading partner or prospect!

The fact is that to be in business you must get paid. There is no point in giving a service or product to someone unless they will pay you. Doing a company search is a minimum requirement. A supplier must be able to identify the legal entity with whom they are trading. You would think it would be easy but it is not. How many companies are there with the term ‘British’ in their title for example.

A company search reveals hundreds of them. In order to narrow the search you have to be able to get other bits of information that will allow you to identify the target such as address and names of directors. It also helps to know what the company does. The more specific you can be the better. Then with an advanced search function you should be able to nail down the company. If nothing else though using computers have got to be better than doing this manually.

Things have really moved forward in the last decade in terms of carrying out a company search.