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Sole Trader Reports

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About checkSURE Sole Trader Reports - This page gives more information on the elements within checkSURE reports on sole traders.

Here the checkSURE team have pulled together explanations that will help you understand these documents from two perspectives. First, by fleshing out some definitions for terms included in the reports. Second, by describing the source of the data. Sole Traders are not limited companies and the reports are difficult to collate. As you’d expect, the team has tried to design this page in a way that maximises usability (but not at the expense of accuracy!). Simply scroll down the sample report, and click on each of the red links to get a fuller explanation of the terms and elements shown.

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You will need to Login or Register (it is FREE to do so) in order to search for and buy checkSURE reports on sole traders. Please note that this is a fictitious sole trader for illustrative purposes only. In reality, each sole trader on the checkSURE system will have individual attibutes.

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