checkSURE Sole Trader Business Report :
Supplied on XX August 200X

Business Identification Details

Subject Reported on My Shop
Registered Office 1 Pleasant Street, Pleasantville, England AB12 3DE
Telephone 09876 999999

Risk Information

checkSCORE U52 out of 100
Average Risk - This company has an average risk status and should be treated with a degree of caution
Credit Limit GBP  500
Selling to this company? The Credit Limit is the recommended maximum outstanding debtor exposure at any one time.

Business Data

Business TypeSee Report
Business Number UC01010101
Known SinceSeptember 1997

Known Owners/Managers

Named Contact Mr J Smith (owner)


Activities Letting Agents   
Staff Employed 1

Public Record Information

Summary of CCJ's/Scottish Decrees

19/07/2000, a Judgment of GBP1234.00 was made in Great City court (Case no. AB123456) against MY SHOP at 1 PLEASANT STREET, PLEASANTVILLE, ENGLAND AB12 3DE Ref No. 0123456789

*** End of Report on My Shop ***