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Company Profile

A company profile is a comprehensive way to get company information on limited companies in the UK and Ireland. A company profile is much like a synopsis of all the key information that you need to build up a picture of the company but contained in a concise report. Company profiles are particularly useful if you need to carry out a credit check on the company.

Are you searching for a company profile? Do you need up-to-date reliable information on a company instantly?

checkSURE provides a company profile, credit reports and business information. A company profile is available on millions of UK limited companies online.

Our company profiles are reliable and accurate because the information is dependent largely on the statutory information supplied to Companies House by the directors of the very companies we profile. The statutory forms filed into Companies House day to day, provide the basis for the information in our company profiles, and so reliability can be guaranteed.

What will a company profile on a UK company include?

The main information you would expect from company profile are details of that company and their operations. So a company profile includes the company name and number, registered office address and trading address. The company profile will also concisely describe the principle activities of the company.

Carrying out a company profile on a business before deciding to carry out business with them is becoming more and more necessary. This is primarily to minimise the risk of problems arising from non-payment and to reduce the need to use a debt collection agency.

checkSURE company profiles give a good indication of this by including details of county court judgements against the company. The CCJ information includes the court name and case number and the amount, and will verify when these have been satisfied.

Incorporated into our company profile technology is a tool that can prove invaluable in judging the financial status and viability of a company - a credit score. A credit score in a company profile is an important variable in assessing the credit worthiness of that company. This may be especially important if you intend to conduct business with them or if they are a potential supplier.

Many characteristics contribute to the credit score calculation, some of which include:

  • Profitability
  • Liquidity
  • Capital gearing
  • Tangible net worth
  • Working capital
  • Age of company
  • CCJ's

The credit score given in a checkSURE company profile is provided as an indicator of the company's credit worthiness only, and if used as a guide can help in assessing the risk when dealing with the company.

A checkSURE company profile can be completed online in less than a minute. Try online today to profile your chosen UK Company and see how easy it is.

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