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"Company House" - Principal Source of checkSURE Company Data

Company House is a term often mistaken for Companies House, the UK government agency that regulates companies and business. If you want to call Companies House, 'Company House' - it's a free country but the plural nature of the official name denotes the fact that this official body holds data on tens of millions of companies

Company House”, the UK's regulatory body for company registrations and financial records, is an impressive regime and held up as a model of best practice around the world. The remit for Company House is to regulate the corporate sector and provide company information on UK companies. It does not hold information on all the companies in the world!

Company House has two main functions: the administration of the companies' registry and the provision of company information to the public. Whilst it is excellent at storing information, it is not so good at presenting it in an easily digestible fashion on the Web. In fact, whilst it is often thought that Company House is a government department, it is an executive agency of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).



Company House - World Beating

As an agency, Company House operates within an increasingly dynamic public sector with demands for rising levels of efficiency and accuracy for the taxpayers. Company House aims to satisfy regulatory obligations and customer needs efficiently and economically and is generally accepted to be world class. In practical terms, Company House delivers, where possible, products and services information, guidance booklets, FAQs and company information to anyone who contacts them. checkSURE takes delivery of Company House information in basic form through an intermediary and then reformats for ease of use, display and storage in several report formats through its innovative web service.

Company House is also one of the few public sector organizations that can say that it is at the forefront of digitizing its information so that it can be accessed through the Web - although, it has some way to go in this respect from the point of view of ease of use.
It is comforting to know that the attributes noted on this page don’t change no matter what you call this organisation. So Company House it is!

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