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Company Credit Check

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Full Company Reports are available on millions of UK Limited companies online, 24 hours a day at only £9.95 plus VAT. The reports are supplemented by one of the most comprehensive Company Reports Help facilities on the Web.

checkSURE Full Company Reports will include the following (if available):

Company Credit Reports sample - graphic
view sample
Company Name and Number
Registered Office Address
Trading Address
The checkSCORE - Credit Score
checkSCORE analysis
Credit Limit
Official Company Information
Share Summary
Known Directors
Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet
Key Credit Ratios
Key Industry Sector Trends
County Court Judgments (CCJs)
Mortgages and Charges

Company Credit Reports for all UK business delivered online

Company house reports from checkSURE UK provide company credit checks on the credit ratings of businesses, partnerships and organisations.

Why does a business need a regular company credit report?

Company credit check reports provide the best possible information as to the likelihood of a business defaulting on its debts. It is recommended that you buy credit reports on those businesses whose failure would have damaging effect on your business.

Not only will a business need a company credit check on them to keep updated, but also it is a very useful tool to get any required background and history on business clients. Here's a few reasons why company credit check information is useful:

  • To find out which company you should decide granting credit to.
  • To monitor the financial position of the company or organisation. This will allow you to reassess credit terms with the company if they are late making payments.
  • Assess your clients worth - this helps you to make credit decisions and set appropriate commercial terms.
  • To assess if the company is able to pay. Credit checks are important before instructing recovery action as a final way of verifying your clients legal status and whether other creditors are pressing for payment.
  • To verify the correct legal entity you are trading with.

Company credit checks can provide a wealth of information about a possible future client, everything that would help you to make prudent financial decisions. As a business you should company credit check all new and existing clients. You are the victim if they fail to honour their debts.

By monitoring your clients performance, by using a company credit check like checkSURE, during a course of trading you will be alerted if their financial position deteriorates. The "keep it live facility", which is a £5 upgrade to the full report (within 10 days), will deliver email alerts directly into your email inbox. Every time there is a change in the status of directors or if a charge or mortgage is levied against the assets of the company. This company credit check will allow you to reassess credit terms and if the account is in arrears, assist with further decisions you may want to take for its recovery.

If your company provides other companies with credit, it is vital to understand their background and financial history. Doing a full company credit check on the company or organisation provides the essential information required for making prudent financial decisions. This underscores the value of the company credit check.

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