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It looks like being a very busy year for everyone at Companies House. With the new Companies Act 2006 now coming into effect with more electronic communication between companies and their shareholders there will be the inevitable glitches, and no doubt the staff at Companies House will be called upon fairly regularly to help sort things out.

One of the main changes in the new act is that company directors will no longer need to have a special exemption to avoid giving their own residential address on registers relating to their directorship. Companies House will, no doubt, be inundated with correspondence, electronic and otherwise, from company directors wishing to change their address, as given, from their residential address to a service address (see below).

The information that will now be required from company directors is as follows;

A company's register of company directors must contain the following particulars in the case of:

(a) An individual

  • name and any former name; (A name is a Christian/Forename or title by which an individual is known and a Surname. For more details on names or when former names need not be registered, check with Companies House)
  • a service address; (A person's service address may be stated to be "The company's registered office".)
  • the country or state (or part of the United Kingdom) in which he is usually resident;
  • nationality;
  • business occupation (if any);
  • date of birth.

(B) A body corporate, or a firm that is a legal person under the law by which it is governed

  • corporate or firm name;
  • registered or principal office;

Companies themselves must keep a register of their directors' residential addresses. This must state the usual residential address if it is different from the address given as the service address. This register only applies to individuals who are registered as directors, not bodies corporate. The Secretary of State may still make provision to remove which items must be held on these registers. (These provisions are generally made in the interest of security and are regularly used to withhold residential addresses of directors of financial and security institutions).


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