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MEHMET ICKAN is just one of the Directors on the checkSURE database. From this page you can buy a Directors Report on this director, purchase a company credit report on the company that they are a director of or images of any of the Companies House documents associated with it. Alternatively use the FREE Director search box to search the checkSURE database for another director.

Director Reg:
Address: SE15 1JF

Number of current directorships and company secretarials held: 0

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checkSURE UK Company Directors Reports

The information and data that is contained on a checkSURE UK Company Directors Reports is roughly split into two sections. The first section is the director’s contact (identification) details, and the second is a list of the directorships or secretarial positions held by the director.

The information in the directors’ contact section include the following:

  1. Full name – as given to Companies House
  2. Occupation
  3. Full contact address
  4. Nationality
  5. Date of Birth

The second section containing the directorships and secretarial positions held by the individual will include:

  1. Those still held in live companies
  2. Those held in companies that have been dissolved
  3. Resigned directorships

The positions held within each company will be displayed as a series of blue boxes, with the following information:

  1. Appointment date
  2. Resignation date Company name, registration number, trading and registered address (and sometimes the telephone number)
  3. The risk or credit score of the company
  4. The suggested credit limit of the company
  5. Other live directors and secretaries within the company

If there is any adverse information on the company, there will also be the following:

  • Liquidators
  • LiquidationType
  • Appointed By Information
  • Gazette Item Date
  • Liquidator Appointment Date
  • Incomplete Liquidator Information Indicator
  • Number Of Liquidators Captured
  • Nature Of Business
  • Liquidator Name, Address
  • Resolution Date
  • Trade Name

Please note: the information on the director and directorships held will reflect the information that is filed into Companies House, therefore it is information that cannot be changed unless the individual director or secretary does so through their company. Please also note that a checkSURE Directors Report is not the same as an individual or personal credit check report – therefore it will not show a credit score for the director or secretary – only on the companies that they hold those positions in.

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